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News and interesting information about the training program of the International Institute of Naturopathy to become an integrative nutritionist:

nutritionist julia vaimann

(Institute of Naturopathy) – Becoming a nutritionist can be a challenging thing to do; yet, taking such a training program is well worth it. These days,  so-called diseases of affluence are more frequent than ever before, for which reason occupations such as nutritionists, dietary advisers, and naturopathic therapists have become increasingly important. Using the example of one of our graduates, Julia Vaimann, we’d like to show you how your occupational life may take a new direction – by deciding to retrain as an integrative nutritionist at the InN.

Nutritionist – Graduates of Our Institute (27/04/16) »

Setting up your own business as a nutritionist

(Institute of Naturopathy) – You want to become a nutrition consultant, working in your own practice? What do you have to consider when you plan to become self-employed in this field? What opportunities does this diversified and promising vocational field offer to you? And what are the prerequisites for working as a nutritionist? This article will discuss these and other interesting aspects. In addition, we will provide you with a checklist that will help you on your first steps toward your new career as a nutrition consultant.

Setting up your own business as a nutritionist (01/07/16) »