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FAQ - Return on Investment

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What is my Return on Investment?

In our opinion it is highly dubious and unprofessional to give you an estimate on your expectable annual revenue as so many other institutes proudly do.

Since there are so many different occupations you can take after finishing this distance learning program, such an estimation would be rather vague, to say the least.

In fact, the opportunities to work in the field of health care, nutrition or lifestyle counseling are so manifold that we can give you just a short overview on a couple of professions you could take as an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant.

  • You can work with naturopathic doctors, alternative practitioners, and other therapists (with the focus being on nutrition counseling);
  • You can give talks or offer counseling in gyms, sports clubs, spas, hotels, etc.; and
  • You can work as a self-employed Integrative Nutrition and Health Consultant in your own office.

If you would like to get an idea of what the work of a self-employed Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant looks like, you can find some examples of previous (German-speaking) graduates by following the links below:

Apart from that, there is simply nothing more rewarding than helping others becoming happy and healthy by improving their well-being and, thus, changing their life for the better. The same applies to your health.