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Exam and Graduation as Nutritional Consultant

Nutritional Consultant Exam

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Our distance learning program to become an integrative nutritional consultant has been designed to run 16 months, but can also be shortened or extended if desired. You can find more information following this link: Structure and Schedule.

You should take the exam no later than six months after you have received the sixth module. Of course, if you have enough free time and manage to get through the modules a lot quicker, you can take the exam at an earlier date that corresponds with your learning progress.

Once you have worked through all six modules, you can register to take the exam. The exam takes place online and follows a multiple-choice format. The documents relating to the course contain a lot of detailed information and explanations. Of course you are not required to know all of them by heart; the exam questions are based primarily on the content of the didactic questions found at the end of every unit.

If you are able to answer these didactic questions, you shouldn’t have any problem passing the exam. Because the exam takes place online, you will know right after completing it whether you have passed. To pass the exam, you need to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly. In case you do not pass the exam, you can retake it by paying the examination fee of 50 EUR again.

Certificate of being an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant

After passing the online exam you will receive a certificate, which will confirm that you have the expertise in holistic health and nutrition. This certificate also awards you the title of “Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant”. This graduation is a very special award for holistic nutritional consultants, because our distance learning program involves a unique training which can be found in this form only at our Institute. With this approach, it differs fundamentally from other programs because the course’s content, which comprises the expertise for holistic health and diet, is universally applicable.

Health Counselor and Nutritionist

Since the diet has a major impact on overall health, the terms health advisor, health counselor, health consultant, nutrition coach or dietitian and nutritionist are often used as synonyms. Our graduated Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultants do not only create diet plans but also include additional steps in the consultation of their clients (e.g. look at the mental situation, the amount of exercise etc.). Although our main focus lies on the effect of a holistic diet, we also address many other measures to support one’s health and well-being. In this way, you will be equipped with the appropriate knowledge to give individual health advice… and, hence, earn the title: “Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant”. This name is trademarked for which reason only graduates of our training are allowed to hold the title. By comparison, other terms are not protected. To find out more about the opportunities you have after completing our course, click on the following link: Nutritional consultant – Career and practice.