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Structure of our Training to become an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant

Fundamental Knowledge for Nutrition Consultants

As part of this course to become a nutrition consultant, the six modules provide you with all of the fundamental knowledge you need about anatomy, nutrition, and health from a holistic point of view. The following subject areas make up the framework of the training:

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  • Human anatomy
  • Regulative systems and metabolic processes of the body
  • Nutrients and vital substances inside food products
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Homotoxicology (the science of toxins and their removal from the body)
  • Medical conditions from a holistic point of view
  • Practical examples for integrative nutrition counseling

Scope and Duration of the Training to become an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant

The six modules of this distance learning program for prospective integrative nutrition and health coaches contain approximately 1,500 pages (in A4). If you invest six to eight hours of study every week, it would take about two months to complete one module. Therefore, the training is designed to take one year to complete.

After receiving the last module, you have a maximum of six months to take your examination. In case the regular training period is not long enough for you, you can extend the time you spend on the modules by six months. This means, you have a maximum of 22 months to complete your studies and become a holistic nutrition consultant.

Regular Schedule:

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